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Drawings donated to protect swans in Sanmenxia

Drawings donated to protect swans in Sanmenxia

Members from sponsors and organizers jointly initiate the launching ceremony. [Photo by Wang Tan/Sanmenxia Daily]

A Hand Drawing Donation and Selection of Public Ambassador for Protection of White Swan launching ceremony was held in Wanda Plaza in Sanmenxia city of Henan province on Nov 25. The event was sponsored by the Sanmenxia Municipal Committee, the Sanmenxia Education Bureau, the Sanmenxia Forestry Bureau and the Sanmenxia Bureau of Parks and Woods, and was organized by Hexin Central Park.

At the launching ceremony, members from the Volunteer Department of Sanmenxia Municipal Committee called on more citizens to participate in the event, to give more publicity to their beautiful hometown Sanmenxia.

Zhao Zhenhua, marketing director of Hexin Central Park, said that Hexin will spare no efforts to organize the event to make more people familiar with white swans and protect them.

Representatives of the organizer received the donated drawings from students from 34 schools. They took a photo together to mark the occasion.

The hand drawings will be bound in a volume and donated to Sanmenxia Swan Lake Wetland Park.

About 1000 outstanding hand drawings will be selected and the artists will be entitled "2017 Public Ambassador for Protection of White Swans" and receive a heart-shaped medal, representing the power of volunteer activity for public good.

Drawings donated to protect swans in Sanmenxia

Children are waiting to donate their drawings. [Photo by Wang Tan/Sanmenxia Daily]