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Sanmenxia students impress the city with many talents

Sanmenxia city, Henan province held the 7th Student Art Show from Nov 17 to 19, where students from all over the city showcased their artistic talents.

Sponsored by Sanmenxia Municipal Bureau of Education, the show was comprised of four parts – a chorus competition, variety show, traditional opera performance and an exhibition of paintings and calligraphy works.

The chorus competition took place on Nov 18, where 21 teams from different primary and secondary schools demonstrated their youthful passion for singing.

On Nov 19, students and teachers from 28 schools demonstrate their artistic accomplishments over the year through performances such as dancing, playing music instruments and reciting.

The traditional opera performance took place as a part of the city's project to "Bring Traditional Opera to Campus" on Nov 20. Supported by municipal bureaus of publicity, finance and culture, the project was initiated in 2016 to promote and arouse people’s interests in traditional art. 17 programs were carefully selected and put on stage during the performance on Nov 20.

On the last day at the exhibition of painting and calligraphy works, more than 800 pieces of work were on display. Created entirely by students and teachers, the artworks showcased pieces of history, realistic life, urban landscapes, natural sceneries and the inner feelings of the people of this Chinese village.

Sanmenxia students impress the city with many talents

Young students look royal in their Chinese garb as they perform traditional opera in Sanmenxia city, Henan province on Nov 20. [Photo/henan.163.com]