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Travel around suburb 、the east or the southwest

Travel around suburb

National Swan Lake and Wetland Park→Boat trip on Yellow River→Sanmenxia Dam→Drifting on Xuehua Valley→Kingdom Guo Museum→National Forest Park in Mount Gan (skiing in winter) →Trip to local-style dwelling houses (Fruit Picking Activity in the autumn)→Sanmenxia Hot Spring Hoilday village. This suggestion mainly covers fine scenic spots within 50 K.M. around Sanmenxia City. Travelling within this scope, visitors need not to worry about finding restaurants or bars. They could also go back to their hotels once they finished their site seeing. All they need is just costing 40 mins on the car to go to the spots. For those visitors doing short trip, this could be a best plan. Following this plan, you could not only enjoy the scene of Yellow River and the Swans in Wetland Park, but also experience the ancient military battle formation, drifting across valley, swimming in the hot spring and local-style dwelling houses.

Day One: visiting the National Swan Lake and Wetland Park (AAAA) after breakfast. After that, taking boat and crossing Yellow River to visit the first Dam, Sanmenxia Dam (AAA), and Pillar. The next spot is Xuehua Valley After lunch. Then, we will go back to our hotel and have a nice sleep.

Day Two: After breakfast, the Kingdom Guo Museum (AAAA) is waiting for us. The next we are gona go is National Forest Park in Mount Gan (AAAA). We then will get a chance to experience the local people’s food as our lunch in the traditional dwelling houses and enjoy some traditional performance. Sanmenxia Hot Spring Hoilday village is the last place and the end of this short trip.

Trip to The East Sanmenxia City  

Kongxiang Temple→ Yangshao Cultural Remain→Manchi County Museum→The Former Residence of Liu Shaoqi→Yangshao Valley→Dan Valley beside Yellow River.

Following this plan, visitors will drive along the Lianhuo Highway to east, crossing Xia County and Mianchi County, which will comprehend culture of the historical city. Also, there are two new scenic spots included on this way. So, Plan B could help visitors to feel and touch the historical culture of this place and see some beautiful sites at the same time. Plan B will bring you into a remarkable painting with Chinese style.

Day One: After breakfast, visitors will be guided to explore Kongxiang Temple where Monk Damo died(The Greatest Buddhist Monk from India), Yanchao Cultural Remain, Mianchi County Museum, The Former Residence of Liushaoqi. Yangshao Valley will offer travelers hotels at night.

Day Two: The first spots is where people live last night, Yangshao Valley. At noon, visitors get this chance and try the traditional food here as their lunch. At night, they could go back to the hotels in Yangshao Valley or Mianchi County.

Day Three: After having Breakfast, travelers will start their first trip in the Dan Valley. The lunch can be found in the spots. It is the end of this trip.

Trip to Southwest of Sanmenxia CIty

Hangu Pass→Square Emperor Xuanyuan Built Tripod→Tripod lake→Yuxi Valley→Shuanglong Bay (Double Dragons Bay)(Double Dragons Bay)

This plan is mainly designed for presenting the beautiful landscape in Yuxi. Driving to the southwest of this city, visitors will cross the square where Emperor Xuanyuan built tripod and know some stories about Laozi. The amazing natural environment around travelers will help them reduce pressure on their shoulders and reflect themselves in hot springs. It should be a good effect to their mental and physical health.

Day One: Hangu Pass (AAAA) is the first site after breakfast. Then, visitors could go to the square where Emperor Xuanyuan built tripod (AA). At noon, people could try to select the special fish, Little Black, as their lunch and take boat to visit the Tripod Lake(AA) at the same time. Hotels can be found in the Yuxi Valley at night.

Day Two: After breakfast, Yuxi Valley (AAAA), “The most beautiful natural scene in Yuxi, the lucky valley for life.”, will be the first site. This site will also offer visitors the lunch. Drifting in the valley is waiting visitors on the afternoon. Some acrobats and skillful performance will be presented as well. At night, Shuanglong Bay (Double Dragons Bay) will offer some hotels.

Day Three: The third day will start at Shuanglong Bay (Double Dragons Bay), “The Lijiang in the north China and beautiful lady in Qinling Mountains”. Visitors will have lunch at this site and it will be the end of this trip.