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Swan Lake International Hotel

Swan Lake International Hotel is the the only five-star villa-style hotel in Sanmenxia district. It is located in the Shanzhou Park which boasts an agreeable environment with a clear river,blue sky, flourishing flowers and trees. It is only ten minutes drive away from the Train station,High-Speed-Rail Station and the Highway entrance thanks to the convenient location close to the Yellow River and the Swan Lake. 

Hotel provides 168 rooms(sets)in total,including Presidential Suite,Luxury Suite, Superior Suite, Executive Room and View Room. Rooms are furnished humanely with distinctive sweet-dream beds with comfortable independent spring mattresses, mechanical sofas,tropical rain forest rotary showers,silent environmental fridges, electronic flip-on safe,broadband internet access ports and so on. Besides, there are also a western-style Cafe called Swan Park, a restaurant in distinctive national style called Heaven-Mirror Pavillion, A Chinese restaurant called Heaven-fragrant Garden ,mainly serving Guangdong cuisine, Sichuan cuisine and other specialties, 18 luxurious Banquet Rooms full of Chinese traditional charm and multifunctional ballroom called Great-River Hall covering an area of about 1,000 square meters with a seating capacity of 1200.  

ADDRESS: inside the Shanzhou Park,Sanmenxia, Henan.

TEL: 0398-2966000

WEBSITE: www.slhotel.com.cn

Purple-Golden International Hotel

Purple-Golden International Hotel,located in Lingbao which boasts the reputation of "the hometown of apple, the city of gold ,the origin of the Taoism",was a four-star tourist foreign hotel licensed by the Tourism Section of Henan Province in 2001. It’s the only four-star hotel standing in the golden triangle (the region among Luoyang,Xi'an and Yuncheng) of the Yellow River.It’s adjacent to the National Highway 310, Longhai Railway and Lianhuo Freeway and 200 Kilometers away from both Luoyang and Xi’an Airport ,enjoying a perfect location and a convenient transportation. The hotel won titles of"the Provincial Advanced Unit in Hygiene","the Provincial Advanced Unit in Tourism","the Excellent Star Hotel in Henan Province"in succession and first and third prize in Service Skill Competitions of Sanmenxia and Henan province. It was named by Sanmenxia "the Garden-Style Unit"and"the Model Unit of Civil service".

ADDRESS: in the middle of Changan Road, Lingbao,Henan.

TEL: 86-0398-8866888

WEBSITE: http://www.lbzjg.cn/

Hezhinan Cultural Hotel(Hezhinan means on the south of the Yellow River)

Hezhinan Cultural Hotel is located in the south part of the Swan Lake Wetland Park, facing the Yellow River,covering an area of 30 acres. Due to the perfect natural environment , it is a natural oxygen bar with fresh air. Living there, you can enjoy the swans dancing in the morning with locus’ scent and birds singing, and at dusk the setting sun above the Yellow River will give you a majestic and splendid image which is often followed by a starry night.  About 80 cave dwellings have been built with the cave tradition for thousands of years as the theme. Essence of the gold-triangle river culture has also been added harmoniously into the hotel so that the ancient elegant simplicity can be reached when the humanism blends with nature perfectly. The unpolluted cave was called "breathing house"with agreeable temperature all the time . The special casual cave hotel collected all of the functions such as accommodation,tea ceremony, entertainment and exhibition into a whole, nominated by the Provincial Self-driving Tour Association as the camp of self-driving tours in the region of the Yellow River in Sanmenxia.

ADDRESS: beside the Yellow River, opposite to a building called Qilibao on the Shanzhou Road(the national highway 310),Sanmenxia 

TEL: 0398-3853966

WEBSITE: http://www.smxhzn.com/